Work with Tej to shift your identity and build a 6-7 figure business 

Clicks&Copy Incubator is an intensive 10-week program that works with you to shift your identity from conditioned self to true self and build out all the required elements to make 6-7 figures a year online - niche, offer, funnel, copy, systems - while working just 4.5 hours a day.
The three phases make up the content portion. In addition, there is also an "action" component where you can ask questions, troubleshoot problems, request copy critiques, and also work as a group to do the Inner Work practices. 
Here's How The Incubator Works (3 transformations in 1):
  • Phase One: Identity Shifting - If you want to be making 6-7 figures a year, but you haven't been able to crack the code, then something in your inner world is getting in the way and blocking your blessings. It could be old experiences you haven't digested, faulty paradigms, inferior self images, or a personality that lacks the required qualities and capacities. Regardless, we'll put you through the Freedom Practices that are designed to clean your inner world and shift your identity away from the conditioned self and towards the true self. With this shift, you'll go from being a character in the video game of life to becoming the player. (Warning: This is no small feat and after this phase you will no longer be the same person. This is very intensive as it involves you going through many mini-deaths and thus is not for the weak-hearted.)
  • ​Phase Two: Designing The Machine - Once you've shifted your identity from character to player, you'll be guided through the Clicks&Copy 5-step system for building cash-flow businesses, from niche to offer to funnels to copy to systems and more. You'll apply each step, design your business with all required elements, and submit it for a comprehensive review and audit where you'll be given feedback/coaching.
  • ​Phase Three: Executing & Scaling - After you receive the green light to launch your business, you'll put into action the Daily Execution System and follow our proprietary scaling plan for going from Level 1 ($0-$3k/month) to Level 2 ($10k-$30k/month) to Level 3 ($50k-$100k/month) in just 6 months to 3 years (very realistic timeframe)
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